The Black and White of Racism

The Book's Mission

The current and traditional way of dealing with race relations and racism in America, has not, and is not working.  Surveys show that most American citizens today feel that race relation are getting worse not better. Just watching the news confirms this assessment. For this reason, we feel that it is time to take a very different approach.


The book, “The Back and White or Racism”, suggests that we need to begin by changing the very words we use to think about, and describe, each other. A case is made for the reason we need  to take a very different approach to address the racial issues that divide us.


Rather than feed the current failed rationale regarding race and race relations, the book's narrative focuses on another way to look at, and consider, how we relate to one another as citizens. Misconceptions and ignored historical information are challenged and presented with factual clarifications that shine a new light of reason on the issues that divide us as a nation.


The book digs at the very roots of racial dissension and offers ways to contribute toward reconciliation.


Our Mission then, is to promote a more factual, truthful, and realistic approach to “individual” rather than “racial” relations. The book's objective is to help us rethink the issues that polarize us as citizens, and look at our shared history together as a nation with more understanding, appreciation and less conflict.


"Facts do not cease to exist
because they are ignored".

-- Aldous Huxley

A commentary from a different perspective about Race Relations and reason for concern by Waylon Allen